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Elder Law Project and Medicare Advocacy Project

Vermont Legal Aid’s Elder Law Project (ELP) focuses on the legal issues of Vermonters aged 60 and up. Through the ELP and the Medicare Advocacy Project (MAP), we provide advice, advocacy and full representation.

The ELP helps seniors with:

  • housing problems
  • state and federal benefits like unemployment benefits
  • Social Security
  • 3SquaresVT food help
  • long-term Medicaid planning
  • elder abuse, and
  • financial exploitation and neglect.

We testify before the Vermont legislature about policy decisions that impact elders’ dignity, safety and individual rights.

The MAP represents Vermonters who get both Medicare and Medicaid. We appeal if Medicare won’t pay for:

  • home health services
  • durable medical equipment
  • nursing care, and
  • prescription drug coverage.

MAP helps improve the lives of thousands of seniors by bringing lawsuits to ensure Medicare pays for their care.

Vermont Legal Aid has developed information on many legal topics that affect seniors. Access information for seniors on our website.

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