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Disability Law Project

The Disability Law Project (DLP) helps people with civil legal problems related to their disability. We give legal advice, we support self-advocacy, and we represent clients and their families in courts, hearings and other settings.

We help with legal issues like:

  • abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disabilities
  • access to assistive technology
  • access to health care and specialized (“waiver”) services like Developmental Services, Choices for Care or the TBI program
  • access to transportation
  • children’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) terminations based on disability
  • disability discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations
  • education issues like special education eligibility, suspensions, restraints and seclusions, and
  • guardianships and alternatives like Supported Decision Making.

We help people with developmental disabilities, including children with mental health diagnoses. We help people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and physical and sensory disabilities. We usually refer adults with a mental health diagnosis to Disability Rights Vermont.

We advocate for public policies to protect and expand the rights of Vermonters with disabilities.

The Disability Law Project has developed information on many disability topics. Access disability information on our website.

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