Get Involved

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Vermont Legal Aid offers volunteer opportunities for lawyers, law students and others from all walks of life who want to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities.

Lawyer & Law Student Volunteer Opportunities

  • Internships, Externships, and Clerkships – In addition to providing valuable experience working with accomplished lawyers and advocates, Vermont Legal Aid’s legal internships  offer fulfilling and meaningful work that helps to balance the scales of justice.
  • Vermont Volunteer Lawyers Project (VVLP) – Attorneys can help to create a more fair and just civil legal system by volunteering time, knowledge, and skills with the VVLP. VVLP is a cooperative effort of our partner organization, Legal Services Vermont, and the Vermont Bar Association.

Non-Lawyer Volunteer Opportunities

  • Housing Discrimination Tester – Housing discrimination testers are reliable and detail-oriented people of all physical abilities, races, colors, nationalities, and religions. Volunteers convincingly assume the role of someone seeking housing and then report what they observe during the process neutrally, objectively, and thoroughly.
  • Volunteer Ombudsman – After participating in a thorough training program alongside our dedicated Long Term Care Ombudsman staff, volunteer ombudsmen advocate for residents of long-term care facilities.