VT Digger | September 7, 2016

September 07, 2016

40,000 Vermonters could pay old traffic fines at reduced rates

Thousands of Vermonters have the opportunity to pay off old traffic tickets at a reduced rate. The driver restoration program, which runs until Nov. 30, is part of an effort to help people whose licenses were suspended because of unpaid traffic fines to get back on the road.

Vermonters with outstanding traffic tickets from before July 1, 2012 will be able to pay them off for $30 per ticket by applying by mail or email to the Vermont Judicial Bureau. ...

Christopher Curtis, an attorney with Vermont Legal Aid, hailed the program as “a huge step in the right direction” that will allow thousands of people to get back on the roads.

“Vermonters with old tickets who were locked in a poverty trap of expensive tickets they couldn’t afford have an opportunity to start over, pay a fraction of the old tickets and move on with their lives,” Curtis said.

“That said, this is not a free pass,” Curtis said. “Going forward it’s critical that Vermonters know they do have to pay their traffic fines and maintain their insurance — for those who cannot afford the standard fine they can ask for a repayment plan over time, or they can ask the court to consider their income in setting the fine amount. Not paying is not an option.”