VPR | October 5, 2016

October 05, 2016

Health Care Providers Say They're 'Cautiously Optimistic' About All-Payer Plan

A number of health care providers say they are "cautiously optimistic" that the implementation of a new payment system known as “all-payer" will help reduce costs and allow them to provide a higher quality of service. ,,,

Julia Shaw is a policy analyst in [Vermont Legal Aid's] Office of the Vermont Health Care Advocate. She says things definitely need to change.

"The cost of our health care system is growing too rapidly,” says Shaw. “And I think this is a promising way to address that and really start to bend that curve." ...

And Julia Shaw of the Health Care Advocate's office wants the “all-payer” system to include consumer protections to ensure that patients get appropriate care.

"In this kind of model, where providers are paid basically for treating a population, there are some financial incentives to provide less care," Shaw explains. "So really what the model needs is checks and balances to ensure that patients get the care that they need."

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