Vermonters Can Apply for Money for Rent or Mortgage Payments

Starting July 13, 2020, you can apply for help with unpaid rent or mortgage payments.

Rental Housing Stabilization Program offers help with unpaid rent

For help with unpaid rent, or help getting into an affordable rental unit, Vermonters should apply for the Rental Housing Stabilization Program through the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA). Starting July 13, VSHA is accepting applications from landlords and tenants, and paying landlords directly to bring the tenant’s accounts current. Learn more about this help for paying rent on our legal help website.

Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program offers help with mortgage payments

Starting July 13, Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) will accept applications for the Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. The program is funded through the federal CARES Act. It will help Vermont homeowners facing economic hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This program is available to all Vermonters with mortgage payments on their primary residence who meet the income requirements — not just those with a VHFA mortgage. The program could help pay missed monthly mortgage payments or past-due property taxes. Learn more about the mortgage assistance on our legal help website.