Board of Trustees

Vermont Legal Aid is guided by an outstanding and diverse board of trustees with a strong commitment to expanding fairness and justice in the civil legal system.

Our board members include former clients, community and business leaders, and members of the private bar, as well as a staff representative. The VLA board members are:

Nanci Smith, Esq., President

Robert Appel, Esq., Vice President and Secretary

John Holme, Esq., Treasurer


Misa Blackmer, Public Trustee

Roy V. Hill, II, Public Trustee

Sarah Hofmann, Esq.

Hans Huessy, Esq.

Joan Lavoie, Client Trustee

Greg Mauriello, Esq.

David Mickenberg, Esq.

Masiti Mohamed, Client Trustee

William Piper, Esq.

Morris Silver, Esq.

Jennifer Thayer, Client Trustee

Jean Murray, Esq., VLA Staff Representative